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The Have Not Poster full_smaller.jpg

Slice-of-life Drama | 80 Minutes

After a failed relationship, a deadbeat man tries to live off

the land in a beach town on Long Island.

The Have Not is seeking domestic and international distribution.

Full film available upon request.


Ricky Sides is a capitalist that believes he will get rich investing in crypto. He doesn’t want to live by societal norms or get an average job. He leeches off his girlfriend Sky, crashing at her apartment while he charms her and half-heartedly learns day trading, but after she has enough of his irresponsibility she kicks him out for good.


With nowhere to go, Ricky sets up shop on the beach – a make-shift shelter hidden in the pine dunes of Long Island. His plan is to live off the grid for the summer as he grows his investing portfolio at the local library.


As summer rolls on, Ricky loses grip on his goal and on reality, turning to his vices of pot & alcohol and falling back on his lazy ways. If Ricky wants to survive, he must find his way out of the sun and into society.

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