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Dog Fugitive Poster_more punch.jpg

Comedy / Mystery (75 mins)

dir. Alex Cherney


"  A brutally honest psychiatrist, Dr. Fluffy, skips town when her patient is accused of killing their cheating husband and she thinks she’s to blame.  "



In a twist of fate, Dr. Fiona Fluffy, a high-profile psychiatrist, finds herself entangled
in a web of crime. When one of her patients confesses to murdering her cheating husband,
Dr. Fluffy becomes an unwitting accomplice. Fleeing from the law, she embarks on a journey
down the east coast of America with her chauffeur Pierre and a tough stranger, Gabby.

As the trio seeks refuge, Dr. Fluffy's resentful assistant Diamond teams up with Fluffy's
lawyer to prove her guilt. Will Dr. Fluffy be able to escape her past, or will the shadows of her patients' problems catch up to her, unraveling the threads of her once-ordered life?


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