Alex Cherney is a visionary artist ready to take his music career international.
His positive vibration is infectious through the music,
and his humorous social persona further adds to his marketability.
Cherney has a complete reggae pop LP 'Cruise Control' and is looking
for the right major label to share in it's success.


A Musical Journey

Cherney's most recent 2 singles landed Spotify official playlists,
and in a few months have 
hundreds of thousands of streams.
Prior to 'Alex Cherney' he was releasing under 'Rey',
which amassed playlist adds, radio time, and lots of press.

Cherney's next album has massive global potential.
His plan is to release the album exclusively on vinyl, and roll it out
digitally 1 track at a time, to maximize playlist adds and to push each as a single.

When not writing & producing music,
Cherney makes films, collects gemstones,
and lives simply in his self-built tiny house Upstate, NY.

To speak directly to Alex or to hear the full album,
please email:

He doesn't feel tied to a genre, and is constantly growing as an artist.
He did indie crossovers to folk, pop, his most recent reggae, and has plansto do disco/funk after that. Everything has his sound through his distinctsongwriting style and his heartfelt poetic lyrics.

Alex Cherney promotes the lifestyle of living easy,
feel good energy, and lightheartedness.
Humor is at the forefront of his personal image, and
he doesn't take himself too seriously.
He dresses in bold outfits, and doesn't shy away from
body paint, make up and glamor.




500 Terry Francois Street San Francisco, CA 94158